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Digital Be A Tree Support Posters. A set of 23 Posters 11 x 17

This set of 23 digital 11 x 17 posters posters to support the Be a Tree Presentation.

  • Ten 11 x 17 full color posters on “Would You Pet This Dog” posters with 100# aqueous gloss finish and the individual Be a Tree Kit Tools
  • Thirteen 11 x 17 Canine Communication posters with 100# aqueous gloss finish for “Be a Dog Detective”

These posters are included in the Deluxe Downloadable Be a Tree Kit but can also be purchased separately or as a supplement to the Mobile or Standard Be a Tree Kit

The posters are a collection of the Be a Tree Tools, How To Be Safe Around Dogs, Learn to Speak Dog and Be a Dog Detective.

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  • $50.00